About Us

Since its founding by B. Lakshmi Narayan Shetty in the princely state of Mysore. India in 1935, Rajalakshmi Perfumery Works has pioneered the manufacture of high quality incense sticks, spreading its glorious aroma around the world. Now managed by the family's third generation from bangalore. India, the company is recognized and respected world over as a leader with a host of brands in its portfolio.

Since inception, Rajalakshmi has manufratured incense sticks by hand in the true tradition of a cottage industry and this process is continued today as an integral part of our tradition. To this end, we support a large labour force, providing gainful employment to thousands of families while staying true to our founder's vision of contributing to the development of society.

Consistently setting new trends in the industry. Rajalakshmi has partnered with the STAT TV Network to promote and preserve India's rich culture, tradition, religious and places of worship through a series of educative and informative clips aired nationally. It is our pleasure to enclose a CD containing video clips for your viewing pleasure. A copy of our website has also been copied on the CD for your conveniene.

Welcome to the fragant world of Rajalakshmi. It's where incense comes alive.